30 November 2010
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30 November 2010,

Safe, effective relief from bunion pain is possible. That’s good news for the millions of people who suffer from the intense discomfort of bunions, caused by a mal-alignment of the bones in the foot.

The best thing you can do to get relief from your bunion pain is make an appointment with your local foot care center. They can examine your feet and determine exactly what’s causing your bunion pain and what the best course of treatment is.

Conservative Bunion Treatment

As you research bunion treatment options, you’ll discover the phrase “conservative bunion treatment” comes up regularly. Conservative bunion treatment refers to the range of non-surgical treatments used to alleviate bunion pain. The primary focus of conservative bunion treatment involves reducing the pressure on the toe joint, while taking steps to keep the bunion from becoming worse.

Conservative bunion treatments can include a selection of specific footwear, use of orthotics – inserts and padding to make shoes more comfortable – rest, ice and medications. Footwear selection can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life a person with bunions enjoys. Shoes that are wider and contain adequate cushioning are recommended for those suffering with bunions.

Bunion Surgery

After conservative bunion treatment options have been exhausted, surgery to fix the bunion should be considered. Advances in bunion surgery have made recovery times shorter, and the procedure is less invasive than it used to be.

However, many people hesitate to have bunion surgery, because they’ve heard a common bit of ‘folk wisdom.’ They’ve been told that bunions removed will grow back.

Do Bunions Come Back?

Many people who would benefit from bunion surgery hesitate to have the procedure done for one specific reason: the fear that a bunion removed can return.

Part of the reason people worry about bunions returning stems from a lack of understanding about what bunions really are. Bunions are not self-regenerating. A bunion is made out of bone, not a cyst or tumor or fluid pocket – it can’t ‘refill’ itself.

However, it’s essential that the proper surgical procedure be done to eliminate your bunion problem. If you have not had the right procedure for your particular bunion – the specific mal-alignment underlying your problem – then the bunion will not be fixed. It can appear to ‘re-form,’ when in fact it was never eliminated in the first place. The bones are still in the wrong position, and you still have a bunion!

The need for expert surgical treatment is the reason it is so essential to select your foot care specialist carefully. You need to work with an experienced professional who has significant experience diagnosing and treating bunions.

Not all surgical techniques are equally effective for all types of bunions. Your podiatrist will be able to help you select the procedure that will alleviate your specific bunion. The skill with which your doctor performs the bunion surgery dictates the outcome you will have. It’s well worth the time to seek out a podiatric surgeon who has the expertise you can trust.